Friday, October 30, 2009

A new adventure!

So on October 26th I turned 27! Like any other morning I turned on my laptop and checked my e-mail! The first e-mail I read that day was from sparkpeople , at the very top of my birthday wish it read "Don't just count the years, make every year count ~Ernest Meyers" This got me to thinking...I know I am 27 years old now, but am I actually making every year count? The time it took me to ponder this question made me realize that the answer was no! How many days do we just let them pass us by? So for this year, I have decided to go after the true enjoyment of life by making my years count! My personal enjoyment in life comes from magical times spent with family, the fun times spent with friends, and my personal love...stamping and scrapping! I have been told several times that I should "do" something with it! But what to do? Well first off, in all the years that I have been paper crafting, I had yet to actually give away a card! My friend Whitney made me laugh when she told me I had to "cut the cord" LOL!!!!! Well I did it! Our friends just bought a house and I needed a card to go with their gift! So I gave in and made them a card...I was so happy when they both absolutely LOVED it!!! (Sorry I don't have the picture! I will have to make another one and update this post!)

So in making this year count, I am going to "do" something with my passion for paper crafting! That's why I started this blog! I figure I can showcase some work and connect with other stampin/scrappers online!

Welcome =)

Yay! I am so excited that my blog is officially here! After a little bit of hard work, I am very happy how it turned out! =) So I guess this is the perfect time to welcome you to Sugar Daisy! Why Sugar Daisy? Well I was looking for something a little know...'outside the box'! The other day I was looking through my wedding photo album...Yes I did say PHOTO album...**so ashamed** I have yet to scrapbook my wedding! Anyway, while looking through the pictures I came across a picture of my bouquet which was comprised of mostly gerbera daisies..which I Love! This then sent me on a google image hunt and I found this image of the most perfect white gerbera! And for some reason the white made me think of grains of sugar...hmm perhaps needing a chocolate fix??? LOL Anyway I came up with the name of Sugar Daisy and it just stuck!!!! So Sugar Daisy it is =)